Friday, July 19, 2013

My Horrible Birth Story Part 4

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First thing the next morning I called my doctor's office and learned that he would be out the whole day. Jack had a check-up so we drove him to that and while in J asked him what we should do. Jack's doctor was so concerned that he personally called my doctor right then. My doctor said to come in the next day. 

So the next day my mom, my nephew (my mom babysits him), Jack, and myself drive to my doctor. As soon as he walked into the room I could tell he was not happy. The entire time I had went to him he was perfectly nice. I now can figure he has some kind of complex where he doesn't think he can be wrong. He said it was not an abscess (even without looking) and even said to me "I'm wondering why you want something to be wrong with you". I teared up and when he left the room I broke down. He had totally written what had happened off. I couldn't stop crying. My mom looked at me and was mad. She wanted to go in there but I begged her not to. 

We stayed with my parents a few more days and then decided it was time to go home. Sunday night I was taking a shower and when I moved my loofah over my stomach something felt weird. I touched there and it was hard. It was probably the size of a half dollar. In the morning I made an appointment (with a different doctor) and he did an ultrasound thinking it was a hematopa. He said it felt like there was fluid in there but the ultrasound showed no fluid. It was very sore. He gave me some antibiotics and had me come back in 5 days. After 5 days the place was bigger so he admitted me to the hospital. I had to relinquish my baby to my parents which just made me sick in itself. Plus my husband had to work or lose his job. I felt so alone and nervous. I was in the hospital a whole week with no answers. Four different doctors saw me with no answers. I asked to be transferred and the answer was "they aren't going to do anything different and if you release yourself your insurance will not pay". They sent me home with antibiotics.

Bennett and Jack at my parent's house while I was in the hospital.

A few days later the hard spot (which was now covering 1/3 of my stomach) starting turning black. I went back to the doctor that sent me straight to a surgeon. The surgeon was in the same building as the one who had done my c-section and was so rude to me. I went anyways and he was a jerk. He said he can cut me open but things would either be better, worse, or no change. I asked what he thought I should do and he said "take responsibility". I had no idea what to do. I didn't know why this was happening but I did know I was not letting him cut me open. 

At this point it was December 19th (my mom's birthday). I made the decision to go to Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. My mom drove me there. They admitted me right away. 

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  1. Jesus, what horrible medical staff. I can't believe you were treated like that by all of those different doctors.