Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Listening to: The quiet whenever possible. Turning the radio off on the way to and from work is a must. Mama needs her shalom time.
Eating: Junk. I suck. That's it.
Reading: Parenting magazine and blogs. My mind is in serious need of melting into a novel but the time isn't there right now.
Anticipating: New fall tv. I know what you are thinking. If I wouldn't watch tv then I could do that workout or read that book. Sorry. Not sorry. Ain't gonna happen. I gotta have my Barney Stinson and my Shelton. They keep me afloat.
Learning: To take the bad with a little more ease. I tend to stress and I need to continue working on not letting one thing ruin my whole day. If the dog pees on the floor I should be able to recover and not let it make everything else suck.
Worried about: Money. Money. Money. We have serious medical bills and will have them for years to come. I miss shopping.
Working on: Organizing our home. It is a mess again. It was organized in the spring and now it is back to chaos. Work in progress!
Wearing: My same old clothes. I need a fashion makeover.

Now I need to share a cutie who is in love with swinging at the park.


  1. Oh he is such a cutie. I need my tv too. It is a nice escape from life for a bit.

  2. Aww!! The swing is so fun!! :) And girl, I cannot WAIT for HIMYM! Monday!!! :)