Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Okay...

Nugget On A Budget

I've seen my blogging friend Leslie from Violet imperfection do these posts for awhile and I always love reading them. I thought I would use this week to link up and share what's okay around these parts. 

It's okay...that I stuffed myself with pizza last night.

It's okay...that I choose watching The View and blogging at 5 am over sleeping.

It's okay...that I have to drink iced coffee every morning.

It's okay...that I'm scraping the bottom of every piece of make-up I have.

It's okay....that I want to spend 40 dollars on Jack's first Halloween costume.

It's okay...that I've finally kicked the dog out of the bed. Hey if the baby doesn't sleep in there then the dog shouldn't either.

It's okay...that I already want to take a personal day than go to work.

It's okay...that I still watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. Why can't they make an update episode or movie or just bring that show back all together?

It's okay...that I loved having a break so much on Sunday that I want to make this an every other week tradition. 


  1. Haha my husband gets so annoyed because I still DVR Gilmore Girls and watch at least 4 episodes a week. Usually in a row. When he wants to watch TV. I can't wait to see Jack in his Halloween costume!!

  2. Thanks for linking up to It's Okay Tuesdays! I love your list ~ I totally choose blogging over sleeping {or cleaning the house} more times than I can count. And stuffing yourself with pizza never is a bad thing :)

  3. What do you want Jack to be for Halloween? I miss Gilmore Girls. I wish they would do a movie to really end the series. Thanks for linking up!