Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jack at 45 Weeks

My little sweet baby child has hit a brick wall. I think it's a growing spurt or teeth or a wonder week or probably all 3. For the first time since he has been in daycare they said he was cranky. Saturday-Monday night he has been waking up in the middle of the night quite a bit. It wouldn't be so bad if he went back to sleep right away. Instead he wallows all over me as he fusses. I'm not a huge fan of using medicine on little ones but it was desperate times. 

He looks so happy here. It was right before a meltdown. 

To make things a little easier on him and me we went for a walk today. He loves being outside and at 213 I really need to walk. Too bad it hasn't really cooled off much here in lower Arkansas. We are suppose to experience a cool down in the next few days. 

I tried to add a little whole milk to his formula to make the transition a little easier. He hated it and would not take the bottle. That one little ounce I added and he refused it. He is one smart cookie. 

He is refusing to eat any baby food and isn't even finishing a whole bottle. I've read and heard that babies go through these phases so I'm not too worried right now. 

He just got off antibiotics due to a small ear infection. His cold symptoms have went away and I hope the ear problem is gone too. I wish doctors did follow up exams for babies each time they are brought in. With little ones you just never know. 

Tuesday night I got desperate and had my parents take Jack for the night. It had been too many nights with no sleep and too many days going to work with no energy. I needed this break. Tuesday night I had the house to myself since my husband was working. I watched tv, blogged, ate pizza, took a nice shower, did my toes, and cleaned. It was much appreciated. I was able to get so much done in that short amount of time. I tried to not feel guilty but it is hard. Of course I missed him and I almost drove over to get him but I talked myself into taking this time to recharge. 

Times like these I think Jack might be an only child. 

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  1. Awww. They all go through phases like this and they are completely exhausting. When Vioket does I consider the day a success if I shower.