Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Baby Steps

Friday Jack took his first step and I missed it. I was feeling pretty bummed at first since I am his mother. You know the mother who takes care of his every need. I decided to let the jealousy go because he took those steps in front of his dad. The dad who works so much that rarely gets to see him. It meant so much to J to see that first step. A very proud papa. I was happy for him. 

The next day he took two steps for me. I had to hold a toy in my mouth and stand him in front of me to get those precious steps. He was so excited for himself. 

Today he took a step at daycare and tonight he took a few steps between toys. Each time he could hardly contain himself. His excitement spread across his face. He knew he was doing something big. 

He will learn and grow each day and before I know it he will be running. Seeing your baby accomplish something just makes you feel good.


  1. Ooh, I can't think of anything better than when kids hit their milestones and KNOW it! I can just picture him beaming!

  2. How exciting! Cecily's nine days shy of her first birthday and hasn't taken a step yet. She's a crazy fast crawler though, so she gets around!

  3. aw but your attitude about it is really sweet. I'm sure your husband is so happy he got to be there for it!