Monday, October 14, 2013

Cuteness Erases Murderous Thoughts

I may or may not have wanted to slightly murder my husband soon before these pictures were taken. Thankfully these moments at the park helped erased some of the said hate. Basically I came home from working all day and he had the day off. Do you know what he had done by the time we got home? Nothing. Well if you want to count the sleep lines on his face as something then you would have one thing. Thankful for him he knows how to make me smile and take care of stuff when we got home.

Why will children not cooperate for pictures? They still turned out pretty darn cute but they could have been better if Jack would have looked when I was trying with all my good material for him to look at me and smile. You win some you win some. Guess I need to work on some new material. Choo choo sounds just aren't cutting it anymore. 

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