Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Thankful For

1. Being able to sneeze. I went days feeling like I had to sneeze but I just couldn't. It was driving me nuts. I spent the weekend with a heating pad on my face trying to unstop my sinuses. My face is making noises that sound like a toilet drain.

2. Modern Family being on USA. I have 40+ episodes recorded. Whenever I catch a free minute I am watching one to get a few laughs.

3. New buggies at Walmart. Sad. I know. They roll so well. No clinking and clanking. I got to be the first one to use this buggy. I told my mom and she said you should have taken a picture. Well I did. I know a picture worthy moment.

4. Candy corn with peanuts. Finally they got smart and incorporated them in one bag. No more having to buy separate. I just have to remember moderation. 

5. This wonderful fall weather. I've had my windows open. I just love that fresh smell of God made air instead of the air conditioner. What is also so cool is how much more you can hear when everyone in the neighborhood doesn't have their air conditioners humming. 

6. A park in our neighborhood. We have a really nice park just down the road. We can go for a walk and then stop in at the park for some swinging fun.

How could I not make that adorable face happen? He was loving it and I was loving taking the pictures. 

What are you thankful for today? 


  1. Ah, yes, that adorable face is definitely worth a stop by the park!

    Hilarious how smooth gliding carts can make us mamas so happy, and I can totally relate to loving the fall air. There is just something ever-so-slightly different about it, even here in my area where our temperatures aren't hugely different yet.

  2. He's so cute!!! I love it! And new buggies at Walmart, how is that not exciting?! I had the worst one the other day. Ugh.