Thursday, October 3, 2013

Insight Into My J. O. B.

I don't talk too much about my job because you never know who reads this thing and you can never be too careful. Since I am having a much better year at my job I thought I'd give you a little peek into where I spend my weekdays from 7:15-4:00. 

I'm the librarian. It is no longer a keeper of the books job. I teach 7-8 classes each day ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. I'm also the parent coordinator and on the PTO. It's a lot with a baby but it makes me feel accomplished. It is a need in me to teach and to work outside of the home. Even if I won the lottery I think I would work, even if it was just volunteering. I love all things school. I've always been addicted to school. When I was in elementary I would go to school on the last day just to get the leftover school stuff the teachers were throwing away. I loved school and really loved playing school.

On October 1 we put out some fall/Halloween decorations to spruce up the place with a more festive look. 

My favorite decoration is the 3 little glitter pumpkins. You can flip a switch and turn them on and they light up with different colors. I got these for $1.50 each at Dollar General. The pumpkin garland shimmers because of the lighting above. People come in and say I love the lighted pumpkin garland. There are no lights but it looks so cool. 

I have windows covering 3 sides of this room so we joke that we are the aquarium. All day long we have people knocking on the glass to wave. We feel like animals at a zoo but it is fun always getting to people watch. 

Fostering the love of reading for kids is one of the greatest jobs. When you recommend a book and they love it you just feel up with happiness. I have one student who is reading The Babysitter Club series and I love sharing my love for those books. I feel like a 5th grader all over again. 


  1. That's so great that you love your job!! What do you teach? Do you just go into classes to talk about the library? That's so strange! I know what you mean, though, about needing to work. As much as I've loved being home with Travis, I love to make my own money!

  2. Growing up, I always thought I would go into teaching!! I still love to make lessons for Olivia and Carter, though. Olivia loves going to the library at school! Every Monday, she is so excited to show me what book she checked out for the week! She started with Fancy Nancy and uses all the fancy words she learned from it! haha

  3. I love that you love your job and helping kids learn to love reading. I think that is so important.

  4. I can tell you are great at what you do! I feel the same way about talking about teaching on my blog... I wish we had more freedom in that regard. Those kids probably love the glittery décor!

  5. I adored that series! I swear I read every single one and just recently got my 9 year old cousin started on them. So good. And do you remember the Sweet Valley High. Le sigh!

    By the way, I think your job sounds very close to my dream job! Way to be molding young minds, my friend. :)