Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All the Small Things

Today is Christmas Eve...woohoo! I'm looking forward to more family fun and watching the faces of my loved ones opening the gifts I spent time picking out for them. I'm spending the day getting some last minute things together and wrapped. At noon my bestie is coming over so we can exchange gifts. I'm waiting at home until one last package arrives from Amazon. Once I get everything done here Jack and I are heading to my parents. Jeremy gets off work Christmas morning and will meet us there. We are going to do our own personal Christmas time thing that afternoon. We'll do brunch at my parents first and then spend some more time hanging out. Having a husband as an EMT will always complicate how Christmas is done and I'm doing my best to make peace with that. Growing up we always did the traditional Christmas morning at home opening the gifts from Santa. There will be holidays where Jeremy will not be home and we'll just have to cross those bridges when we get there but for now Jack doesn't get it so we are working with the situation.

Sunday Jeremy and I baked up a storm. We cooked cookies, fudge, and candy.

Yesterday my nephew Bennett and I baked cookies. It was his first time cooking so I was a little worried about how he would do since he is only 2. He did great! He kept eating the cookie dough but who could blame him. When it was time to decorate he just ate the icing off 4 different cookies so those were officially his cookies. He was shoving that icing in and no longer cared about decorating cookies or eating cookie dough. I was proud of how well he did helping his Aunt LaLa bake Christmas cookies. Next year Jack will be able to help and Bennett will really understand what is going on. It's all about the small things!


  1. This is AWESOME! Thank you for this great post and sharing it with us. I've been looking online for something like for almost two hours! I'm going to share this on my site.

  2. what's your fudge recipe? I made fudge for the first time christmas eve but it was white chocolate! still good but i wanna try more!

  3. Awwwww, I love that you baked cookies with Bennett. That is so super sweet.