Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Santa and All That Good Stuff

Jack was obsessed with watching Christmas movies. We had a bit of a movie marathon Christmas Eve waiting for one last package to arrive. 

Too many presents at my parents house. Santa was good to us!

My sister reading The Night Before Christmas to my nephew Bennett.

Another picture before bed....Santa hadn't even arrived yet. 

What a mess!

Jack in a box

Jack loving his new ride!

Bennett wasn't too sure about this wagon rolling (he wasn't too thrilled that we woke him up).

We then headed to Christmas at our house. Jack loved his Thomas the Train pop up tent (well maybe he loved this ribbon more).

Inside the tent

Santa aka my Mama went overboard this year. We racked up! Our big gift was a huge new tv for our living room. Jeremy was over the moon. I came home with shoes, a purse, so many kitchen gadgets, 3 picture frames, Rachel Ray cookware, a book, curling iron, make-up brush set, some organizing stuff, new Pyrex, bowls with lids, a camera (from my brother), an otterbox and scarf (from my sister), and a stocking full of awesome gifts and treats. My husband got me a Keurig, 2 picture frames, house shoes, a necklace, 2 cake pans, and tweezers (nice ones that I've been wanting). My bestie got me a super cute owl necklace, a beautiful scarf, an ornament, and some shimmery yummy smelling body lotion. This is a lot of loot for one gal! 

I spent Christmas afternoon cleaning and organizing. It is going to be a long process. Jeremy hooked up the tv first thing. Tomorrow (since Jeremy is off work) I plan on spending the day working on the house. I love organizing and cleaning after Christmas. Jeremy said I'm a dork for saying that but I really feel that way. All of our new stuff and with New Year's right around the corner it is like a new start, a fresh start, with lots of happiness.