Monday, December 23, 2013

Why I Blog

When I was a few months pregnant I started doing research on what products I needed and what things I needed to know. The internet took me to many blogs. At the time I was very unfamiliar with blogging but over time I became obsessed with reading particular blogs. I started thinking this whole blogging thing might be fun. 

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I thought a blog would push me to explore different aspects of marriage and motherhood. Through my blog I would share my experience of figuring this whole new world out. Maybe I would be able to help other people in similar experiences just like other bloggers helped me. 

The greatest surprise from blogging are the relationships I've made. These incredible women I've never met have become my friends. I've also enjoyed the fun activities in the blog world such as jewelry swaps, Cara boxes, ornament swaps, and giveaways. 

Blogging can be difficult at times and I'm not even one of those expert bloggers. I couldn't imagine all the work they put in each day. 

For now I blog to work through this life as wife and mother. I enjoy sharing my world and reading what others have to say about it. Blogging encourages me to live a little more and to do things I wouldn't normally do. Sometimes I do things because I think "this would make a great blog post" and then I end up having a wonderful time.

I'm thankful to other bloggers. Sometimes their words are exactly the words I couldn't think to say and it helps to clarify my thoughts. Running across wonderful ideas gets me excited to do them myself. Bloggers have provided my family with wonderful recipes, home decoration ideas, holiday crafts, date ideas, movies to watch, books to read, and products to buy. What would I do without them? 

Close blogger friends have given me words of wisdom and ears to vent to. Women who are in similar situations and women who couldn't be further from who I am have been there for me because regardless of situation women are kind people who love to provide support and comfort.

Sometimes the blogging world can get competitive and I've heard horror stories of some women being untrue to themselves and being unkind to others. I believe that isn't their true selves and that it is just pain coming through. The blogging community is 99% wonderful people. The other 1% doesn't take away from the greatness of the world that I've joined. 

Why do you blog? For yourself? To share your life? To keep current with family? For money? 

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  1. Mine started when we lived in PA so that our family and friends could keep up with us. It was also just to document our lives. I still use my blog for that purpose but I have tried to branch out and take it to a new level. It's hard to stay true to your roots, even though I try!