Thursday, December 19, 2013

One Lucky Gal-Jewelry Exchange Reveal

Rachel at Life as Mrs. put together a lovely jewelry exchange. I wanted to sign up because my jewelry selection is seriously lacking. 

I got paired up with Jenn from Bliss to Bean. Boy am I glad I got paired with her because I got hooked up with some amazing stuff. After receiving my package I felt like I had been on a shopping spree. I love everything!

I told you I racked up! I got 2 bracelets, a necklace, a beautiful sparkly coin purse, some Spark, a gingerbread Advobar, and a sweet note.

I'll be keeping everything for myself thank you very much! My favorite piece is the silver bracelet. I've been wanting something similar and my bracelet collection is very limited. It will go with everything! I'm really excited about my change purse also because it is so sparkly. It will go great with my Christmas shirt. I'm excited about trying the Advobar also. I like to try things out. 

I do feel bad because I only sent her one piece but I am excited about what I sent her.  I sent her a bracelet from Jelly Strands. Jelly Strands sells jewelry that little ones can not break and they can also chew on. Plus it is stylish! 
Kate Teething Necklace Black

They are currently offering free shipping anywhere in the US! Also, I ordered the piece one day and it shipped the next morning. Those are big pluses in my book!I learned about Jelly Strands after winning a giveaway so when I found out that Jenn has a baby that likes to pull on her jewelry I knew just what I wanted to send her. 

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  1. love it! how'd you like the gingerbread bar? We love love em! i ordered 5 boxes before they ran out again!