Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I've Caught the Selling Bug

My name is Ashley and I have a problem. Our county has a Facebook page where you can sell stuff. I decided to try it out the other day by selling a vibrating bouncy seat that was taking up space in Jack's room. I sold it for $15 and it sold right away. 

I was hooked!

Right away I started going through Jack's closet and started posting the pictures. Things started selling. I then went into my guest room where I put giveaway winnings that I won't use and started putting them up as well. I went through closets. Things kept selling. 

I have so many things in my home that are too good to throw away but we have no use for so I just kept them. I kept them until I heard about the County Swap Shop. Then it was on. 

Just today I made $130! We have decided we are taking that money and putting it in an envelope and at the end of the month we are going to use it to pay on our debt.

Go to Facebook and search your county for a swap shop. For example, I searched Drew County Swap Shop. 

I'm so glad my mom told me about it (she's always buying stuff off there). I'm getting to declutter my house and make a little money. Great way for me to work on my NY resolutions!


  1. That's so neat! Best thing ever is getting rid of things you don't need AND getting money for it!

  2. That's so awesome! We have several in my area too and I have sold a few things. But I don't think I have made that much total, much less in one day!

  3. We have several in my area and I sold tons of stuff when we moved. I need to go through our closets again. It's a great way to make money!

  4. Umm, that's amazing! Going to Facebook right now to search my area!

  5. That's awesome!! do you ever participate with Rhea Lana? that's my new addiction.

  6. haha that's funny.. i'm selling like crazy all the time too on our swap and sale sites.. In our area there are like 5 groupd that i'm apart of. Heck i'm even giving shit away for free just cuz i want it gone!

  7. We have a local group called "Yard Sale Junkies"- sometimes it's hard finding your post to bump up, but I've found you can make SO much more than at an actual yard sale. What a great idea to save the money until the end of the month!