Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Children Swap...Crazy Story

This is one of the craziest stories I've ever heard so of course I had to share on my blog. Prepare yourself it is ridiculously crazy!

My Dad is a contractor and when he needs a roof put on a house he calls this man "Tony". "Tony" lives in a nearby state (about an hour away). He has a crew and has always done great work so my Dad has used him as his roofer since I was a kid. 

Recently my Dad shared a crazy story about "Tony". 

"Tony" and his wife have several boys. "Tony's" brother "Dave" and his wife have several girls. Their wives got pregnant within weeks of each other. "Tony" and his wife were going to have another boy and "Dave" and his wife were going to have another girl. One of them had the idea to just switch their babies. "Tony" and his wife wanted to experience raising a girl and "Dave" and his wife wanted to experience raising a boy. They also lived really close to each other so they would be able to see their biological child often. I still think it is just crazy. They went along with it. 

Today the children are in college. I asked my Dad if they knew and he said yes. I also asked them how they felt about it but he didn't know. I'm sure my Dad didn't have a heart to heart with his roofer. I would love to talk to these kids to see how feel about this decision.

To add to the craziness. "Tony" was found murdered in his truck last Wednesday. 

I am super close to my sister. My nephew and I have a special relationship and I know we always will. Even though we are a close family I could never just switch my child even if I would still have a special relationship with it. Obviously some people could cause my Dad knows someone who did....could you? 


  1. Wow, that is super weird. It's something I might joke about but never actually switch. Weird. And yikes on tony being found murdered!

  2. Um. What? I had to read that twice! That's so weird. And so sad about the roofer :( Do they know who did it?