Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Are You Really Doing To Your Child?

The other day I had to have a little come to Jesus meeting (you southern people know what I'm saying) about being nice to others. I had had enough of overhearing them down-grading each other with hurtful words. 

I wanted them to understand how hurtful their words really were. I gave them each a piece of paper and told them to write down all the hurtful things they've heard recently.

One student wrote: My step-dad asked me to get him a drink from the ice chest. I couldn't get it open and I told him. He said if there was a twinkie in there I bet you could have gotten it open. 
I wasn't really planning on them writing down things that grown-ups have said to them but when I read this it just hurt my heart. She wasn't the only one.

Another student wrote: No matter what happens at home I always get blamed for it and get in trouble.

These are just two examples. Other students wrote how their family members call them dumb, stupid, bad, mean, and how they feel worthless. 

One of the students in this class had a brother who actually committed suicide while in the 6th grade. Yes, I said 6th grade. Imagine a child that young having such hurt. Heartbreaking.

We are quick with our words. I know I am. What are we really doing to our children with those words? Maybe perhaps we should stop and think about what hurtful things we've said or how we have purposely made someone feel. Sometimes it isn't always the things we say but how we act towards someone. 

Please think before you speak. Kids are just kids after all and our words do have an impact. 


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so awful! I feel so badly for those children. While my kids may drive me crazy sometimes, I cannot imagine saying something like that to them.