Friday, May 9, 2014

A Song Recycled

As Jack and I rode home today in happy Friday afternoon spirits I turned the radio on and heard the familiar voice of Willie Nelson. I sang along and swayed in my seat doing my best to get Jack involved with no such luck. Next, a song came on that I don't hear too often, but when I hear it I have very happy feelings. The song is "Harper Valley PTA". If you aren't a country fan then you probably don't know the song but you should look it up to hear.

When I hear this song I immediately can picture my mom singing this song. She loves this song. Every time I've heard her sing it her voice sounded so happy. Thinking back I'm not sure if she was happy at the moment when the song came on or if the song just made her that happy. Whichever the case, I associate that song with my mom being really happy. Today when I heard "Harper Valley PTA" it was my child who got to see me look really happy as I sung along. 

I love the power of music and fate as they work together. Me turning on the radio at that time created a moment between generations. During the duration of the song my mind played happy memories of my mom singing that song. One day I can only hope that Jack will hear a song and have memories of me happily singing loudly in the car. 

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  1. That is so awesome! Bella is stuck on "Jolene" right now and actually got asked to stop singing it at school yesterday! But the memories with the music will last forever.