Friday, May 9, 2014

What Are You Doing?

It's 2:20 am. Yep, that's right, AM. I'm up. Jack keeps waking up. I'm pretty sure his teeth are bothering him again. Those darn teeth. I feel so bad for babies. 

I have started numerous posts tonight but I couldn't seem to finish one. If you are a blogger then you know what I'm talking about. I ran across this "What Are You Doing?" post and decided it would be a perfect one to summarize life right now. 

Cooking: Nothing lately which so isn't me. I haven't had the inspiration to cook or even bake in a long while. I am starting to wonder if the desire is ever going to come back. 

Drinking: Lots of OJ because my potassium has been low.

Reading: Blogs. I haven't read a book in awhile. I have several on my wishlist though.

Wanting: So many things! To name a few: to lose weight, a pedicure, more energy, a vacation, and my hair done.

Looking: I'm looking forward to summer!

Playing: I've been breaking out the old cds and playing some good classic music.

Wasting: I waste too much time doing meaningless things.

Wishing: I wish for my Mom's knee replacement to go well.

Enjoying: Right now I am enjoying some quiet time and it is wonderful.

Waking: Although this is quiet time Jack keeps waking.

Liking: I am liking Chinese food again. 

Wondering: Will this surgery take care of this stomach pain?

Loving: Currently I am loving crunching on ice.

Hoping: I hope that I don't feel like crap tomorrow.

Listening: to the sound of Thomas the Train come through the baby monitor 

Needing: Some time to just catch up.

Smelling: I smell baby wipes.

Wearing: Purple and pink pajama pants and a black shirt. 

Following: I am following too much.

Noticing: I have been noticing that my husband has been doing more around the house. 

Knowing: There is a lot I don't know but what I do know is that there are amazing people in this world.

Feeling: I am frustrated that I didn't go to bed earlier. 

Bookmarking: I love to bookmark! I am bookmarking everything I want to come back and check out more of. 

Opening: Today I got home and on my doorstep was a box from Zulilly so I am opening that and the others that I am waiting on.

Giggling: I often giggle at myself. Today I was listening to a bad song and was blasting out to it. There I was driving my baby to daycare singing and dancing in the car having the best time. As I started to pull up I hit the power button and put my mom face on. The way I did it without thinking caught me and I couldn't help but giggle at myself. 

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