Monday, May 12, 2014

How My Mother's Day Went

My Mom loves the restaurant Copeland's. From where we live there are two within driving distance. You can go an hour and a half north or an hour an a half south to get to one. We decided to head south. 

We grabbed some road snacks and decided that when we got there we would do our shopping first and eat before we left town. We wanted to make sure we were good and hungry when we got there. 

The first store we decided to hit up was TJ Maxx. My God in heaven was it hot in there. We really wanted to just leave but the sales pushed us to stay. As soon as I saw this pillow I fell in love. We have been doing a little redecorating in the bedroom and I had to have it. In the buggy it went. 

Sorry for the crappy picture but I'm tired.

I also found my BFF another birthday gift and Jack a cute pair of pajamas. The other day Jeremy and I decided that we had to buy Jack some new pajamas because he is getting too big.

We finally got out of hell and headed to Target. Thankfully it was a little cooler in there. I found Jack a few more pair of pajamas, a new tank, and a pair of shorts. He also walked away with a hat because he actually kept it on his head while in the store. A new Thomas the Train movie made it into the buggy because they are only $5 and he LOVES some Thomas. I also found my BFF 2 other things she needs for her birthday (she and I go all out for each other on our birthdays). I would love to tell you what they are but she reads my blog. Sorry Brooke! 

While in TJ Maxx and Target, Jack acted a fool. While in the buggy he cried for me to hold him. After awhile I would give in and hold him but he would get heavy and I'd have to sit him back down. The crying would start back up. The cycle continued through TJ Maxx and Target. The last spot we hit up was alcohol. I think it was the frustration but I bought a box of wine. My mom bought a bottle of pre-made margaritas and some whipped vodka. She had never had whipped vodka, but I had, so on my recommendation she put it in the buggy. 

While I was checking out I sat Jack on the counter. My mom was getting the vodka out of the cart when Jack decided to stand up quickly. Whoosh! The whipped vodka hit the floor. Glass went everywhere and so did vodka. Oh the smell of whipped vodka surrounded us. My Mom's poor legs had vodka all over them (hello sticky!) and little shards of glass. 

Let me say the workers were wonderful and so kind. They cleaned up the mess and got her another bottle all with a smile on their faces. I appreciated the way they handled the situation. 

Finally, at 3:30, it was time to eat. We realized quickly that the parking lot was very full which we were surprised about because it was 3:30. We went ahead and went inside where we saw people waiting. They were having a buffet. I asked if we could still order off the menu. They said yes but that they had a limited menu and they handed it over. My Mom always orders the same thing and so do I. They had her favorite on the menu but not mine. I told my mom I was okay and would just get something else. When they told us there would be at least a 20 minute wait we decided to leave. There was no way Jack would have just sat there for 20 minutes. Plus, we were so thirsty so we decided to leave. Before we could make it out of the parking lot Jack was asleep. 

We were not about to wake that fussy child up so we drove through the Taco Bell drive-thru. We drove one and a half hours and ate at freaking Taco Bell. We ordered the XXL nachos and shared. 

To sum it up we drove all that way for 2 stores and some Taco Bell. I'm not mad though because I got to spend the day with my Mama and my baby. Next time, Jack will be staying at home and we'll have tons of more fun. Jack is not a good shopping partner. Dang boys!

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