Friday, July 18, 2014

Motherhood Is Not Black and White

When we start our day it always starts with snuggles and sugars. I'm lucky that Jack likes to wake up slowly while holding on to Mama. I get a glorious 10-15 of nice quiet loving time where he lets me hold him. He is my baby in those moments. 

The other morning Jack went and grabbed some Goldfish crackers and jumped on the couch to eat them and watch tv. He looked so grown like a big boy. 

I had to snap a picture of this moment. 

He was being so well behaved that I went into the kitchen and started doing dishes. After a few minutes I looked around the corner to check on Jack and he was no longer on the couch.

I heard him in his room so I made my way down the hallway. Here is what I saw.

The sweet moment had passed and there was the little boy I knew and loved. Always keeping us on our toys. I said "You need to pick those crackers up" and he looked right at me and said "NO!". 

The child barely says anything but he can answer no. I can only shake my head. What are we going to do with this child? We call him Stitch (like from Lilo and Stitch). He tends to destroy everything around him. He is what people like to say "all boy". 

Luckily I have captured moments that remind me of great times.


  1. He's a cutie! Visiting from ARWB :)

  2. My little boys is the same way!

  3. Awe...adorable! My children also learnt "no" very quickly...funny how they all seem to do that! ;-)